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Symmetry Financial Group (SFG), as it’s name implies, embodies the very essence of achieving balance, not only in your quest for financial freedom, but also in your personal life. The very definition of Financial Independence is NOT measured by what kind of house you have or the car you drive, but is defined as “the state of having sufficient personal wealth to live, without having to work actively for your basic necessities.” Along my life I have been able to help hundreds of people reach this state of independence, & have yet to find a vehicle better suited to do this in such a short period of time, then SFG.

Our Agency has officially been documented as the fastest growing agency in all of SFG.  In addition, we received the coveted impact player of the year award, were inducted into the prestigious “Million Dollar Round Table”  in our very 1st year with the company and were recognized as the #6 Largest producing Agency in the entire company in less than 24 months.  In 2016, our third year with Symmetry,  our agency was the #1 Top Producing Agency out of 75 plus Agency owners in the company, more than doubling 3 years in a row.  We had 3 of the top 10 Rookie Writers in the company this year & our agents received the Leadership Award, Fired up Award, Impact Player of the Year Award, Top 10 Baseshops, Top 10 Producers, Top 10 Agency Owners, & #1 Agency Director, just to name a few.   Our unprecedented exclusive training model, made available to our agency only, has catapulted our growth to be equal to the growth of the company who did close to 100 million in sales in less than 6 years.

This is all irrelevant unless you are willing to be “out of balance” for a short time in order to achieve the desired long-term balance that everyone is looking for. In order to do that, it will require a relentless work ethic, talent & abilities that are either brought to the table or learned throughout this process, & a strong commitment and willingness to learn. We are not looking for everyone, just the right people.

We appreciate your interest in working with our company & taking the time to let us learn a little more about you & what you are looking for. If we feel that you may be the right fit for our company, you will be receiving an email within the next 1-3 business days from one of our staffing Dept.  If you do not receive an email or phone call back, we truly do hope that you find a company who is better suited for your particular talents, experience, & personality.  I look forward to working with each & every one of you who qualify to work with our Agency in Symmetry Financial Group.

-Nate Auffort
S.W.A.T Team Agency
Strategic Wealth  Accumulation Tactics